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Easy Video Ad Creation Tutorial

How to make great video ads directly on your smart phone

We recommend the following easy-to-use video editing apps and you can also find recommended formats, tips and resources below.

Suggestions for Ads

Set clear, realistic and measurable goals and objectives. 

  • Add your logo

  • Animate text

  • Build simple animation

  • Keep video length under 15 seconds

  • Use Call-to-action (CTA) buttons available on V-MORE AdTech



Roasted Beans

BARISTA UNO™ Black Label Series



Create ad from video templates

  1. Open the Mojo app.

  2. Select a story template. 

  3. Select your photos. 

  4. Customise fonts and colours. 

  5. Save your video.



Create animated ad with templates

  1. Open the Unfold app.

  2. Create a ad story.

  3. Select a story video template.

  4. Upload your photos.

  5. Add your text.

  6. Customise font and font size.

  7. Save your video.



Create awesome videos with just a few taps

  1. Open the Quik app

  2. Upload your photos/videos.

  3. Choose your animation.

  4. Add your text.

  5. Add your music.

  6. Save your video.



Fast and easy app to create your video ad

  1. Open the Videoshop app.

  2. Upload your photos/video.

  3. Choose video format.

  4. Trim your video length.

  5. Add your logo.

  6. Add and customise your text.

  7. Save your video.

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