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 with V-MORE AdTech

Advertise with V-MORE in just a few steps

V-MORE AdTech makes it easy to promote your business to reach the right and real audience in the world.

Step 1

Choose your Plan

Select your advertising plan (Promotion/Ad Trailer) to run your campaign.

  • Get more calls to your business

  • Drive traffic to your store

  • Drive people to your website

  • Get people purchase your voucher or items on V-MORE Website

Ad Trailer

15/30/45 seconds Ad

Min 5,000 Unique click


Static Ad Display

Min 500 Unique click

Advertising Plan

Step 2

Decide where to advertise to

Go local or multiple countries and states. Decide where you want to target your ads to.


Static Ad Display



Step 3



You will never pay more than what you budgeted for - US$100 Promotional Plan with Static Ad or US$1,000 Promotional Plan with Video Ad.


Step 4

Create your ad


Highlight the products and services you offer, and what makes your business unique. You need upload ad image or video and set up your own campaign headline, release date, and redirect link. 

Your Redirect Link

Call To Action


Step 5

Your Ad Goes Live

Your ads will appear on V-MORE, reaching your targeted audiences and will continue to do so till the number of unique views is attained or upon reaching the 30 days expiration of your ad.

Note: All ad submissions require an approval process which takes 2-3 working days.

Barista Uno Coffee Bean Get More Now

Location: SG                   Type: Ad Trailer   


Ad Formats


Specs for the Static ad display image:

  • Recommended Images Resolution : 1024 (Width) x 512 (Height) / 1000 (Width) x 1500 (Height)

  • File type should be Jpg, Jpeg, GIF And Png are allowed
    Maximum Image Size Is 6MB

  • Web Thumbnail: Recommended Thumbnail Resolution: 600 (Width) x 315 (Height)
    Maximum Image Size Is 0.3Mb

  • App Thumbnail: Recommended Thumbnail Resolution: 600 (Width) x 315 (Height)
    Maximum Image Size Is 0.3Mb

Download templates
Adjust your image aspect ratio using these .pdf design templates:

Horizontal Static Ad

Vertical Static Ad

App/Web Thumbnail

Products Thumbnail


Ad Trailer

Specs for the video ads:

  • The recommended aspect ratio is 16:9, 1:1, or 9:16.

  • Resolution options include 1920 x 1080px, 1080 x 1080px, and 1080 x 1920px.

  • You can use MP4, MPEG files in your ads.

  • Video duration 15, 30 and 45 seconds.

  • The video file size should be less than 6MB.

  • Web Thumbnail:
    Recommended Thumbnail Resolution: 600 (Width) x 315 (Height)
    Maximum Image Size Is 0.3Mb

  • App Thumbnail: Recommended Thumbnail Resolution: 600 (Width) x 315 (Height)
    Maximum Image Size Is 0.3Mb

  • Product Thumbnail: Recommended Thumbnail Resolution: 320 (Width) x 320 (Height)
    Maximum Image Size Is 0.3Mb

Best Practices for Aspect Ratios
Video Ad Creator Tutorials

Horizontal Video Ad


Square Video Ad


Vertical Video Ad


Download templates
Adjust your image aspect ratio using these .pdf design templates:

App/Web Thumbnail

Products Thumbnail


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