• Advertiser


    Previously we wanted to advertise on Facebook, however after understanding the cost per view is lower over here we decided to try advertise here and just within a week there are 2 enquiries.

  • MichelleYiwei


    this platform advertising is really good for start-up businesses. Not necessarily to gain sales but more of gaining awareness. Even though no one sent me my advertisement poster yet but at least I know that those views are actual people that saw the ads and that is more than enough :)

  • Prudential Assurance Company Singapore


    The platform is clean, easy to navigate. Good user interface. :)

  • Celebraze Pte Ltd


    After trying out 1 month campaign with V-More Adtech, we were pretty pleased with the results. We were quite surprised that this unique model works. Thank you InfinaCo agency and team for sharing this platform.

  • Advertiser


    The results were far greater than what we expected.
    We only expected 4 sales in the first week but we saw 13 sales instead. Thank you for introducing this platform to us. We hope we can launch more value packs through V-MORE.

  • Global Internetbiz LLP


    Excellent. Very smooth & Efficient! Great job!! VMore AdTech way to go.

  • elkeynco.sg


    Thankful for this technology which helps me to generate unlimited impressions and 500 unique views for my business.

  • Advertiser


    It's very very effective! Easy to upload and see insights from here. Most importantly, I have very qualified leads from here!

  • Adam Tan


    Service provided by Justin is fantastic. He's efficient & patient to address all my concerns. Keep it up!

  • Lingzi Media Pte Ltd


    Right e-commerce platform for my business.

  • Bentina Consultancy


    The system is easy to use and to upload Ads.

  • Tracy Ong Property


    I feel Janet is very professional and efficient in her support for my business banner. As it's done up beautifully in just 2 days! I'm very impressed by her.

  • DNN Enterprise Pte Ltd


    When i heard about V-More adtech, i was skeptical at first as it was new and not knowing what will the results will be. But thanks to the InfinaCo agency for addressing my concerns and i've decided to give it a shot. The whole campaign of users viewing the ads was gone in less than 48hrs, i was shocked and had a couple of sales from it. I will continue to work closely with the agency and optimize it further for my business.



    It is very easy to load our ads. The insights our how our ads are working is so much simpler compared to other platforms. Most importantly, my branding is outreached by many folds!

  • Zenith Alliance Global


    Received an unexpected number of impressions with just 100dollars have around 1000+ impression with just 100dollars, really worth of money and interface is easy to use

  • Purpleflakez


    Thanks to Nexus Marketing Agency & VMORE AdTech, I'm able to get more customers inquiries and also have an increase of around 400% in revenue within two weeks from my advertisement uploaded. Once again, very Grateful for VMORE AdTech and Nexus Marketing Agency for the fast response with my queries.

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